Interface Summary
ILockingStorage<K,V> An object storage, allows thread locking and retrieving of objects stored under a key.
IValueProducer<K,V> Produces instances of V.

Class Summary
DelayedExecutor<K,R extends Runnable> Performs an asynchronous Runnable execution.

A storage of runners scheduled for execution in the DelayedExecutor.executor.

EffectivePutMap<K,V> Adds a possibility to effectively put a key-value mapping to a ConcurrentMap if such mapping is missing.
InMemoryLockingStorage<K,V> This implementation uses a simple and efficient in-memory object storage.

Annotation Types Summary
GuardedBy A variable annotated with this annotation is guarded by given lock.
Immutable The class is immutable.
ThreadSafe Denotes a thread-safe class.
ThreadUnsafe Denotes a thread-unsafe class.

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