Changes Report

Release History

Version Date Description
2.9 30. March 2011
2.8 30. December 2010
2.7 3. November 2010
2.6 9. October 2010
2.5 25. July 2010
2.4 18. July 2010
2.3 13. July 2010
2.2 13. June 2010
2.1 11. June 2010
2.0 9. June 2010
1.2 9. May 2010
1.1 17. April 2010
1.0 25. March 2010
0.9 3. March 2010
0.8 16. January 2010
0.7 09. January 2010
0.6 10. December 2009
0.5 15. November 2009
0.4 1. November 2009
0.3 21. October 2009
0.2 12. October 2009
0.1 22. August 2009

Release 2.9 - 30. March 2011

Type Changes By
fix Searching for 頑 will have no result despite 頑張る being quite a common word. Fixes 123. vyzivus
fix Radical search tool cant find 慕う for grass day heart radicals. Fixes 124. vyzivus
add Added support for updating dictionaries to newer versions. Fixes 126. vyzivus
update Include radical and its number into Kanji detail view. Fixes 127. vyzivus
add Indexer should be able to push new dictionaries to the site. Fixes 129. vyzivus
add Add an red X button on the word search field to clean the field. Fixes 132. vyzivus
fix Attempt to view the kanji 負 (defeat) seems to cause a force close. Fixes 133. vyzivus
add Added Joyo/JLPT N1/2500 most common newspaper kanji quizes. Fixes 120. vyzivus
add Force portrait mode in Show stroke order & Kanjipad view. Fixes 128. vyzivus
add Added support for radical analysis. Fixes 131. vyzivus
add Added support for Tatoeba. Fixes 121. vyzivus

Release 2.8 - 30. December 2010

Type Changes By
add Notepad backup-to-SDCard/restore added. Fixes 112. vyzivus
update Tanaka analysis is now used whenever applicable. Fixes 114. vyzivus
add Pressing the Enter key in Main Activity will now trigger intelligent search. Fixes 115. vyzivus
update MainActivity should now show soft input keyboard implicitly. Fixes 115. vyzivus
add Implemented Notepad.sendTo. Fixes 116. vyzivus
fix You can now force ya with xya and 'ya. Fixes 117. vyzivus

Release 2.7 - 3. November 2010

Type Changes By
add Kanji/TanakaAnalysis activities now provide correct context menu, with all items. vyzivus
update Implemented new engine for Tanaka example sentence analysis. Note that you need to re-download Tanaka dictionary to make use of this fix. Fixes 96. vyzivus
update Added support for joining text to the clipboard. Fixes 110. vyzivus
add Added possibility to search for more kanjis at once using the kanjipad. Fixes 102. vyzivus
add Added missing Undo button to the StrokeOrderActivity. Fixes 107. vyzivus
fix Aedict can now be installed onto the SD card. Fixes 109. vyzivus
fix Fixed: Aedict crashes when searching with Android Search. Fixes 108. vyzivus

Release 2.6 - 9. October 2010

Type Changes By
update The kana version of example sentences is now separated by spaces. Fixes 99. vyzivus
fix Fixed: Aedict would simply crash with android.view.WindowLeaked if a certain functionality was activated and the dictionary file was missing vyzivus
add Added Undo in Kanji Stroke Recognition. Fixes 104. vyzivus
add Implemented Clear Search History/Delete Entries From History. Fixes 103. vyzivus
fix Fixed: creating 4 tabs, deleting last one, creating it and switching into it would fail. Fixes 94. vyzivus
fix Added Advanced Copy activity. Fixes 101. vyzivus
fix QuizActivity now preserves its state on orientation change. Fixes 95. vyzivus
fix GlobalSearchHandler is now able to search for a query directly. Fixes 106. vyzivus
fix The ResultActivity now relaunches itself with result list. This prevents researches on orientation change. Fixes 88. vyzivus

Release 2.5 - 25. July 2010

Type Changes By
add KanjiDetail now uses onyomi AND kanji search string to narrow down search results. Fixes 92. vyzivus

Release 2.4 - 18. July 2010

Type Changes By
fix Application crash was preventing the Kanjidic download. Fixes 91. vyzivus
fix Fixed: the downloadable dictionaries names contained characters which couldn't appear in the file names and the download was rejected. Fixed by using the zip name instead. Fixes 90. vyzivus
add The conjugation quiz is now accessible also from the Notepad and from the Main Screen vyzivus
fix Fixed: The correct answer in the conjugation quiz always stayed the same. vyzivus

Release 2.3 - 13. July 2010

Type Changes By
add Deinflections performed on a verb are now shown in the result activity. Fixes 85. vyzivus
fix EntryDetails activity menu items are not multiplying anymore. Fixes 89. vyzivus
add Added simple conjugation quiz. Fixes 83. vyzivus
add Added ability to move notepad items between categories. Fixes 77. vyzivus
update The quiz questions are now computed in a background thread (The quiz questions launcher no longer shows App Not Responding window) Fixes 79. vyzivus
fix Fixed JLPT kanji levels - now using the N2..N5 system. Fixes 80. vyzivus
add Added support for external Edict search. Fixes 37. vyzivus
update Clicking on Detail items will now launch MainActivity instead of performing the search itself. vyzivus
fix Fixed missing apostrophes is example sentences. vyzivus
add Introduced the StartsWith/EndsWith options. Fixes 81. vyzivus
add Long-click on kanji/reading in KanjiDetail/EdictEntryDetail now shows SearchFurther menu item. vyzivus
add Example sentences: added CopyToClipboard and SearchFurther options. Fixes 84. vyzivus

Release 2.2 - 13. June 2010

Type Changes By
fix Fixed: kanji analysis of katakana-only entry fails. Fixes 75. vyzivus
fix Fixed compatibility with Android 1.5. Fixes 76. vyzivus

Release 2.1 - 11. June 2010

Type Changes By
add A quiz showing the Notepad items can now be started. Fixes 74. vyzivus
update Onyomi/Kunyomi/Namae kanji readings are now clearly marked. Fixes 73. vyzivus
fix The downloader is no longer a Service. Fixed random crashes. Fixes 70. vyzivus
fix Edict Senses are now displayed correctly (all senses are now displayed, instead of just one) Fixes 71. vyzivus
fix Clicking on kana character in kanjidetail activity crashes aedict Fixes 69. vyzivus
fix SOD provider now instructs user to re-download the dictionaries on IOException. Fixes 72. vyzivus

Release 2.0 - 9. June 2010

Type Changes By
add StrokeOrderActivity now allows user to try to draw the kanji if there is only one kanji shown. Fixes 68. vyzivus
add AnyCut can now create shortcuts directly to KanjiPad, Skip Lookup, Kana Table and JLPT Quiz. Fixes 64. vyzivus
fix SOD images are now enlarged on high-DPI phones. Fixes 63. vyzivus
add Added customizable categories to the Notepad Fixes 67. vyzivus
update GUI Overhaul (thanks to Mitchell Liam) Fixes 52. vyzivus
add The dictionary downloader is now able to download all dictionaries. vyzivus
fix The dictionary downloader refactored as an Android Service - gained ability to run in background. Fixes 62. vyzivus
remove ResultActivity: removed ability to search in examples vyzivus
add Added ability to add given example entry to a notepad vyzivus
update Longclick on the item in the KanjiDetailActivity now allows copy-to-clipboard vyzivus
update KanjiDetailActivity examples GUI improved: kanji is now highlighted vyzivus

Release 1.2 - 9. May 2010

Type Changes By
add Added a simple quiz. Fixes 53. vyzivus
add The KanjiDetail activity was implemented as part of a new GUI design. Fixes 52. vyzivus
fix English example search did not handle multi-word queries. Fixes 60. vyzivus
fix POS Markings were not shown when performing search from Android search. Fixes 59. vyzivus
fix Tanaka Example sentences kana reading is now displayed as well. Fixes 45. vyzivus
fix Notepad items were not preserved randomly, mostly on device reboot. Fixes 57. vyzivus
add Expert: The result sorting is now configurable. See Issue 56 for details. Fixes 56. vyzivus

Release 1.1 - 17. April 2010

Type Changes By
fix Fixed random "NoSuchElementException" errors. Fixes 40. vyzivus
fix Adding an example sentence to notepad will lose the translation. Fixes 54. vyzivus
add Added the POS Markings to the EntryDetailActivity. Fixes 51. vyzivus
fix You can now use xn to force n, e.g. sonxna -> そんんあ. Fixes 50. vyzivus
update Aedict will now report corrupted dictionary files and instructs the user what to do. Fixes 55. vyzivus

Release 1.0 - 25. March 2010

Type Changes By
add Show a verb inflection chart. Fixes 43. vyzivus
fix Fixed: ボッブ was not correctly romanized to bobbu. vyzivus
fix Searching for hana yelds only the "nose" result. Fixes 47. vyzivus
update Sort ordering is better in Tagaini Jisho. Fixed by performing ordering also by kanji commonality. Fixes 39. vyzivus
add Pressing the 'search' button should open the Search Activity. Note that this works only with Android 1.6. Fixes 49. vyzivus
update The Configuration dialog should receive the standard Android config dialog look. Fixes 48. vyzivus
fix Fixed: Crash selecting examples in Tanaka dict. Fixes 44. vyzivus
add Added a What''s New dialog vyzivus
update Kanjipad warning message is now shown only once, in a dialog. Fixes 42. vyzivus
fix Fixed Radicals overflowing on Archos5. Fixes 38. vyzivus
fix Automatic Tanaka dictionary download now works correctly. Fixes 36. vyzivus
fix Fixed broken search from the detail screen. Fixes 41. vyzivus

Release 0.9 - 3. March 2010

Type Changes By
fix Fixed random NullPointerExceptions, occuring during a search. vyzivus
add Added the stroke order diagrams. Fixes 34. vyzivus
fix A glitch in the translation code: osusume was not translated in this sentence: 今週のおすすめバーゲンTVゲーム Fixes 35. vyzivus
add The ResultActivity activity now performs search in a Task background thread vyzivus
add Implemented the Examples search Fixes 31. vyzivus
fix Fixed possible IndexOutOfBoundsException in the KanjiAnalyzeActivity vyzivus
fix Fixed the isHiragana/isKatakana methods: the methods failed to work correctly for small ya, yu, yo characters vyzivus
update The word analysis progress is displayed more accurately vyzivus
add Added the Donate button vyzivus
add Added warning for KanjiDraw about the proper stroke order vyzivus
add Added Japanese-French downloadable dictionary. vyzivus
add Added Japanese-German downloadable dictionary. vyzivus
add When downloading a dictionary, a copyright notice and a dictionary homepage is now shown vyzivus
add You can now directly perform analysis of a notepad entry vyzivus
add Implemented the verb deinflection Fixes 33. vyzivus

Release 0.8 - 16. January 2010

Type Changes By
fix Regression: SKIP search finds the kanjis but does not display them Fixes 29. vyzivus

Release 0.7 - 09. January 2010

Type Changes By
add Search Result Browser now shows the dictionary used for the search vyzivus
add Added a notepad functionality Fixes 25. vyzivus
add Show hint on reading: Long click on SearchResult and Analysis activity should allow user to see romaji reading of all hiragana/katakana characters Fixes 28. vyzivus
add Added more downloadable dictionaries: ENAMDICT and COMPDIC are now downloadable using the Configuration activity. Fixes 27. vyzivus
add A very simple and slow sentence translation added. Fixes 24. vyzivus
add Added support for analyzing words, not just kanjis. Fixes 23. vyzivus

Release 0.6 - 10. December 2009

Type Changes By
add Added support for multiple EDICT dictionaries. Fixes 13. vyzivus
add Implemented the SKIP system lookup. Fixes 20. vyzivus
fix Fixed regression: added back the missing about dialog. Fixes 21. vyzivus
update Exact matches first: When performing a search, best matches and common words are shown first. Fixes 22. vyzivus

Release 0.5 - 15. November 2009

Type Changes By
add Optionally show Romaji instead of katakana/hiragana Fixes 19. vyzivus
add Implemented a kanji drawing recognition (a kanjipad) Fixes 16. vyzivus
add Implemented Kanji Radical Lookup Fixes 17. vyzivus
add Added support for KANJIDIC Fixes 18. vyzivus
add Added an Analysis Activity which lists all kanjis and their information. Fixes 15. vyzivus
add Configurable results for Simeji. Just long-click on the result list and pick what to return. Fixes 14. vyzivus
update The application made more stable by catching all exceptions in event handler vyzivus
fix ai.bat ignores command-line parameters and always prints that it missies -f -d or -u argument Fixes 12. vyzivus

Release 0.4 - 1. November 2009

Type Changes By
update Added support for custom dictionary files Fixes 10. vyzivus
fix Fixed: Crash on Dictionary Download on Donut phones Fixes 8. vyzivus

Release 0.3 - 21. October 2009

Type Changes By
add Added support for both Hepburn and Nihon-Shiki romanization. Fixes 6. vyzivus
update The KanaTable writings are now in Hepburn or Nihon-Shiki, depending on the setting Fixes 7. vyzivus

Release 0.2 - 12. October 2009

Type Changes By
add Added support for Simeji. Fixes 4. vyzivus
fix The hiragana/katakana table is now stored in a Java source instead of in a property file. Fixes 5. vyzivus
add Marked as compatible with all screen sizes and Android APIs both 1.5 and 1.6 vyzivus
add Added a hiragana/katakana table. vyzivus
fix fixes OutOfMemory errors on MacOSX while building dex. Fixes 2. vyzivus
update The search result list is now sorted. vyzivus
fix Added copy-paste support Fixes 3. vyzivus
fix Fixed bug with incorrect free space computation Fixes 1. vyzivus
add Added the "About" activity. vyzivus

Release 0.1 - 22. August 2009

Type Changes By
add Initial release. vyzivus