BakaTools changelog

Release History

Version Date Description
0.5 2. March 2010
0.4 18. November 2009
0.3 2. November 2009
0.2 28. October 2009
0.1 20. October 2009

Release 0.5 - 2. March 2010

Type Changes By
update The test.Assert class does not depend on testng anymore vyzivus
add Added workaround for broken Class.isEnum vyzivus
add Added BeanProperty.getType() vyzivus
update JavaUtils.isBlank renamed to isBlankArray; isEmpty renamed to isEmptyArray vyzivus
update JavaUtils.isEmpty() and isBlank() now accepts Enumerations, Iterables and Iterators vyzivus
update JavaUtils.toList() now accepts Enumerations, Iterables and Iterators vyzivus

Release 0.4 - 18. November 2009

Type Changes By
fix JeeServer is not able to auto-detect Glassfish 2ur2 Fixes 1. vyzivus
add Added Hibernate TransactionManagerLookup which will automatically use a correct Lookup instance based on a server we are running on vyzivus
add Added JeeServer J2EE application server auto-detection mechanism vyzivus
add Added a simple interceptor which handles DB transactions for JPA vyzivus

Release 0.3 - 2. November 2009

Type Changes By
add Added assert method for value-comparing of two beans - the Assert.assertBeansEquals() method vyzivus
add Added method for value-comparing of two beans - the JavaUtils.equalsBean() method vyzivus
add Added utility methods for enumerating and accessing bean properties - the JavaUtils.getBeanProperties() method vyzivus
add Added means of automatically testing a JPA bean equals and hashCode methods - the Assert.assertCorrectEqualsForJpaBean() method vyzivus
add Added UrlUtils.toUri(), UrlUtils.toLocalFile() methods vyzivus
add Assert.assertCorrectEquals(): no object must now be equal to a new Object() instance. vyzivus
add Assert.checkUtilityClass(): the utility class now has to be final vyzivus

Release 0.2 - 28. October 2009

Type Changes By
add Added support for counting rows which passes given CriteriaList test vyzivus
add Added Checks.checkArg vyzivus
add Added complex DaoTools.find() method which allows filtering, paging and sorting vyzivus
add Added DateUtils vyzivus
add Added a method to assert that given class is a correct utility class (a single private constructor which throws AssertionError) vyzivus
update Relaxed the generics constraints for IValueProducer: any object may now be used as a key. vyzivus

Release 0.1 - 20. October 2009

Type Changes By
add Initial release. vyzivus