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Version Date Description
0.4 2008-01-10
0.3 2007-04-19
0.2 2006-10-01
0.1 2006-04-30

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Release 0.4 - 2008-01-10

Type Changes By
The Ambient project added. vyzivus

Release 0.3 - 2007-04-19

Type Changes By
Site moved to vyzivus

Release 0.2 - 2006-10-01

Type Changes By
Sep 28th: Finally got DVDStore Seam/EJB3 sample application working. Replaced old demoapp with the new, stable application. vyzivus

Release 0.1 - 2006-04-30

Type Changes By
July 8th: Added small howto on developing Seam/EJB3 enterprise application with Maven2. Sample project included. vyzivus
July 5th: Updated eclipse bundles to bundles from Eclipse 3.2. You should set sk.baka.eclipse:plugin-parent-pom:pom:3.2 as your parent POM when developing eclipse bundles. vyzivus
Eclipse Bundle howto updated. All that's left is to configure the assembly plugin correctly. vyzivus
The repository is back online at vyzivus
The experimental Maven2 repository was removed. More info at vyzivus
The page is founded, everybody welcome! vyzivus