Welcome to the website. Baka is one-man company striving to develop and maintain open-source free components that are currently missing in the java field. You may find some useful utilities and java information here.

You are probably thinking why the hell does somebody build a website on a Maven2 when there are a myriad of great PHP site engines, and hey - who uses Maven2 for the webpage? Three reasons:

  • I simply don't like PHP. Period.
  • I love Maven2 :-)
  • I wanted to learn about Maven2 and its site generator plugin. When I found out that you can write the site in APT, which gets compiled to a simple static html and is deployable with a simple mvn site-deploy call, it was decided.
  • I like to do crazy things :)


Baka (ばか, 馬鹿) is a japanese word composed of two characters. It literally means horse-deer and means "stupid" or "crazy". If you think this is absurd to give such name to a company, think again: who has its company name on the Wikipedia?

Whatever. Nobody understands it anyway, and I don't plan to leaflet visit-cards in Tokyo :)