Maven 2 links

This document is intended as a quick reference of some of m2 aspects. If you are not yet comfortable with M2 you should check Maven2 guides. There is also a great Maven 2 book: Better Builds with Maven. The book is for free but it requires a registration.

Finding dependencies

There are two sites you may use to find libraries:

You may of course just google for artifact-id :)

Maven 2 repositories

Maven repository is a HTTP website containing various jars and their descriptors. There are some maven repositories out there:

  • - the primary Maven2 repository, maintained by the Maven2 crew. Implicitly used by maven 2, you don't have to add it into the settings.xml file.
  • - a BIG repository of nearly all java libraries
  • - a mirror located in Amsterdam, Europe. Quite a fast mirror, I must say
  • - fearlessly contains some SUN proprietary libraries which cannot be hosted on an official repository
  • - contains Eclipse plugins jars
  • delo.dcs repository - an experimental repository hosted on Comenius University Bratislava. Contains libraries developed by the crew, and some eclipse plugins.

    If you are behind a proxy please see this maven proxy guide. You have to put the settings.xml file into $HOME/.m2 directory and add the repository. To add a repository to maven edit the $HOME/.m2/settings.xml file and add the following profiles section:

         <!-- add this to register a plugin repository -->

    Please note that the <id> element must not contain characters such as path_separator (/), colon : etc. Try to use alphanumeric characters only.