WebMon changelog

Release History

Version Date Description
0.6 -
0.5 9. September 2009
0.4 21. May 2009
0.3 10. April 2009
0.2 11. March 2009
0.1 23. February 2009

Release 0.6 - -

Type Changes By
update WebVM is now hosted on Google Code and was renamed to WebMon, to prevent name clash with the WebVM project on SourceForge. vyzivus
add Added a new page which shows simple J2EE server information. The application server is now autodetected. vyzivus
add HomePage now shows network interfaces with IP addresses vyzivus
update Display the java:comp JNDI tree instead of java: tree vyzivus
fix Fixed: Jabber is not send if the jabberserver is null or blank vyzivus
fix Fixed test for Java 1.6; Deadlock tests are now skipped on Java 1.5.x vyzivus
update The Configure tab now mentions all possibilities of config file location vyzivus
fix Fixed division by zero when there is no swap on a Linux machine. Fixes 2. vyzivus

Release 0.5 - 9. September 2009

Type Changes By
update The history graphs now start to fill from the right vyzivus
update Memory tab: show real values instead of percentages. This will allow to display valid labels even when MAX memory value is not known. vyzivus
fix IBM java reports -1 as maximum non-heap memory. The old code threw an exception and thus the MgmtUtils class was reported to be unloadable. vyzivus
add Added Tomcat configuration file. vyzivus
add A problem report notification trigger mechanism description is added to the Problem Report page. vyzivus
update Config file is now loaded from /etc/webvm.properties as well (if it exists) vyzivus
update Wicket version bump to 1.4.1 vyzivus
fix Compilation failed on Java 1.5 vyzivus

Release 0.4 - 21. May 2009

Type Changes By
fix Fixed: Compatibility with OC4J (thanks to Eduardo Leiva). vyzivus
fix Fixed: performGC on search page results would fail vyzivus
update Switched to Wicket 1.4-rc4 vyzivus
add CPU IO times (Linux only). vyzivus
remove No profiler. Adding a full-blown profiler is a major deed and is out of scope of this project. The project will focus on server monitoring and warning/problems, not on debugging/profiling applications. vyzivus
remove No JMX browser. There already are WARs that allow JMX configuration. vyzivus
fix Fixed: saving the configuration fails. Fixed by migrating to Wicket 1.4-rc4. vyzivus

Release 0.3 - 10. April 2009

Type Changes By
update Known bug: saving the configuration fails. A bug in Wicket: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/WICKET-2134 vyzivus
add Added support for Java process CPU usage measurement. Enabled only when JavaVM provides the com.sun.management.OperatingSystemMXBean class. vyzivus
add Added support for Host CPU usage measurement (currently Linux only) vyzivus
add Added Host OS memory graphs and problem analyzer. Full memory stats only on Linux; partial memory status only available when JavaVM provides the com.sun.management.OperatingSystemMXBean class. vyzivus
update Graphs are now linked to appropriate pages. vyzivus
update Configuration split to separate groups for easier editing. vyzivus
add Implemented a classloader resources search vyzivus
update Revamped the main page: memory overview moved to the Memory page; class and thread overview moved to the Graph page; Java and environment properties moved to the main page vyzivus
update Better ASCII graphic for thread state table vyzivus
update All graphs are now drawn using Bluff vyzivus
update Fixed GC usage display in the Problems tab - only the problematic values average is shown instead of the 150sec average. vyzivus
update A graphical bar showing pool usage is now displayed in the Memory view vyzivus
update Revamped the graph page: added the thread count and class count graphs. vyzivus
update Non-Heap memory usage is now displayed as well vyzivus
update The Memory page now shows a progress bar showing memory usage vyzivus
add Implemented a simple thread dump. vyzivus
add Added threads analysis page. vyzivus
update Table cells are now aligned to the left for better readability; correct style set for table. vyzivus
update The Free Disk Space problem analyzer now shows free disk space on all devices. vyzivus
fix Fixed application link in RSS feed; server URL now auto-detected in RSS feed. vyzivus
update Shorter application description and time format displayed, to prevent menu disappearing on smaller resolutions. vyzivus
add Added project home link. vyzivus

Release 0.2 - 11. March 2009

Type Changes By
update The "Perform GC" link moved to a sidebar. vyzivus
add Added the ClassLoader analysis page. Resources and jar files are downloadable. Fixes 1. vyzivus
add Problem list: the description is now displayed above the diagnosis. vyzivus
add Added Jabber notification support vyzivus
update JNDI: Maximum depth of 5 is examined. This prevents VERY long JNDI examination on WebSphere. vyzivus
fix Fixed: Problem Analyzer could miss GC CPU usage samples vyzivus
add Added a web configuration page vyzivus
add Added a Mail notification support vyzivus
update All problems reports triggers are now configurable in WEB-INF/classes/config.properties vyzivus
add Added problem trigger descriptions vyzivus
add Added JNDI list vyzivus
add Added disk free space problem checks vyzivus
fix Fixed Wicket page naming vyzivus
update Graphs page is now reloaded automatically each 2 seconds. vyzivus
update Problems report is now sampled each 30 seconds and stored into its own history. This history is fed to RSS. RSS shouldn't receive duplicate events anymore. vyzivus
update RSS problem report is now formatted in a HTML table vyzivus
fix Fixed the app name: from Sysinfo to WebVM vyzivus

Release 0.1 - 23. February 2009

Type Changes By
add Initial release vyzivus